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Our Lucky Stars Cafe
16 Main Street,
Warkworth, Ontario

Espresso. Lattes. Chai. Coffee Beans! Granola! Jams & Chutneys! Baked Treats!Freshly Frozen Soups & Meals: Chicken Curry, Boeuf Bourguinon, Vegan Chili, Butternut Squash Lasagna!

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Monis Baer Jazz Duo LIVE October 26, 5 - 7pm

Jazz Duo Howard Baer & Michael Monis  are back!  Join us at Our Lucky Stars Cafe, Saturday, October 26 from 5pm -7pm . $5 cover (We’re putting  Guinness Beef Stew  on the menu -as well as vegetarian and gluten free options!)

Michael MonisMichael Monis (guitar):
Comfortable in any musical style, and active in the Toronto music scene for well over thirty years, Michael has toured extensively and worked both in studio and on stage with countless jazz greats from Moe Koffman to Jane Bunnett. Son of legendary guitar master Hank Monis, Michael currently resides with his family in Millbrook, Ontario





Howard BaerHoward Baer (bass):
On the heels of a studio recording career as composer/arranger/producer creating music for IMAX, CBC-TV, Solitudes and countless others, and having been honoured with several JUNO nominations, Howard has recently changed musical direction and now enjoys playing upright bass with several artists in both the North Hastings and Peterborough areas. New to Warkworth he enjoys, with his wife Anne and their three huskies, daily treks through this fabulous village!

About the Cows


These wonderful cow paintings have become a huge part of the cafe culture. Trevor spotted them outside Pot Of Gold Antiques on Old Wooler Road which is where we’d bought some chairs and little vintage dessert plates. Mary Postar, the proprietor of the shop didn’t know much about the cow paintings other than that they were salvaged from a barn somewhere around Oshawa. Friends urged me to take a pass on my original intent to have rotating art exhibitions and  buy these big beauties for the cafe instead. So, the day before  opening they were delivered, and yes, they were perfect.

They’ve been very popular and real conversation starters. Within a few days of opening, a local farmer approached me and said that he believed they could be from a farm near Brooklyn, Ontario that he believed was demolished to make way for a new subdivision and the 407 highway. Since then several customers have recognized the paintings  and indeed its been confirmed that they were originally hung on the barn exterior of Roybrand Farms in Brooklyn, owned  by renowned Holstein breeder Roy Ormiston . Indeed the first gent to shed some light on their provenance brought me  a copy of ‘The Chosen Breed’ which holds plenty of information on Roy Ormiston and  his cows including his legendary ‘white cow’.

Another local farmer has told me he thinks he knows who painted these wonderful beasts and I’m hoping he’ll return with the artist’s name so we can give credit where due! ( My dad would like to have brass plaques made and mounted on the ‘frames’ of each painting, giving names to the cows, to their home and to the artist!)

Now, one final thing – the bull on the right has horns which seems okay, but so does the cow  on the left and people are asking if that’s ‘correct’. So, I’m wondering – can you tell this city girl!? And  I’d also welcome any more information on the story of these paintings and their subjects!  Use the email link on the left to contact me or go to our facebook page and share your comments!

Cafe owner thanks her lucky stars for having found Warkworth

John Campbell, Trent Hills Independent

Elizabeth Aikenhead thanks her lucky stars that she stopped in Warkworth by chance last year and fell in love with the place. She purchased the Supreme Bean and gave it a new look, menu and name.

Elizabeth Aikenhead thanks her lucky stars that she stopped in Warkworth by chance last year and fell in love with the place. She purchased the Supreme Bean and gave it a new look, menu and name.

Warkworth -It had long been a vision of hers to open a cafe or store but it wasn’t until Elizabeth Aikenhead was passing through Warkworth last year that she decided to make her dream come true.

She and her boyfriend, Trevor Spot, were on their way to his cottage when they stopped in the village and fell in love with the place.

“We thought it was fantastic,” she said.

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Congratulations to Lizzie and Trevor on the grand opening of Our Lucky Stars, Main Street, Warkworth!